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Dear Food Lover,


Finding the perfect blend of spices can be super frustrating. I have taken the guess work out of it for you with my custom spice blends!


– Chef Jax, Professional Chef

Each one of our custom blends have been individually crafted with

the highest quality spices. We take extra time and care to give our customers

Nothing But The Best!

Custom Pork Rub!

A little sweet, a little heat and A LOT of flavor.


This pork blend is meant for nose to tail seasoning and

goes great with BBQ!

Custom Steak Seasoning!

A perfect enhancement to all cuts of meat.


This blend of garlic, onion and peppers will have you coming back for more!

Custom Taco Seasoning!

Ditch the packets and go with all natural instead.


Whether it’s Tacos, Fajitas, Beef or Chicken.

This seasoning covers it all!

Bring The Heat!

This seasoning was crafted just for lovers of spicy food!

Add this finishing spice to any food that you want to take up a couple notches. It goes great with our Prok Rub, Tacoe Seasoning, and Steak Seasoning.

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Plus, we’ll throw in an extra bonus: Pulled Pork Cook Along Video!

Step by step “Pulled Pork Loin” Walk Through


Best Use Given for “Pork Rub” Seasoning.


Pause and Rewind if Needed.




Not only are you getting a great product,

We’re showing you how to use it too!

With your custom spice blend purchase you gain access to our video tutorial library,
which breaks down different ways to use your “Chef Jax” spice blends.

Note: Supplies are limited, and we’ll take down this offer when we run out.

Free Videos? What’s the catch? 

No catch—we promise! It is simply our way of saying thank you
for purchasing “Chef Jax” custom spice blends.