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Trifecta 3 Pack

Not sure what to get OR do want them all?
The tri-fecta pack gets you 1 each of the

Taco Seasoning” “Steak Seasoning” & the “Pork Rub
You also save $2.00 for ordering this pack. Win/Win!

Original price was: $18.00.Current price is: $16.00.

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This combo pack consists of all three of our starting spices and rubs.

"Taco Seasoning"
This versatile seasoning contains no gross preservatives or additives which means you can cook with it instead of having to add it at the end.
Don't let the name Taco Seasoning fool you, this seasoning is great for fajitas, veggies and even stiry fry!

"Steak Seasoning"
They say timing is everything, and using our steak seasoning before your cut hits the grill is the way to go.
Just like our Taco Seasoning, our Steak Seasoning can go other places than steak. Try it to liven up your favorite plant based burger or even
in your meatballs!

"Pork Rub"
You can use this rub on the whole Hog! It's great for BBQ and you can even use it on poultry!


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